Guide to Making Money with Micro-Niche Sites – An Infographic

My very first comprehensive infographic. This is a quick start guide to making money with micro-niche sites online. I’ll go into detail with each step very soon. In the meantime, I hope you like it!

Micro-Niche Site Infographic

Products mentioned in the Infographic (in order):

- Google Keyword Tool – Keyword Research

- Market Samurai – Keyword Research

- – Free Content Management Service

- Bluehost – Web Hosting Service (affiliate)

- Google AdSense – Ad Publishing Service used for Site Monetization

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Unmasking The Zen Capitalist – A Real Man with Real Wisdom from Real Experiences

EntrepreneurshipWhat’s up everyone and welcome to the unmasking of The Zen Capitalist.

Most of you already know who I am since 75% of you are Facebook friends.  It’s okay because we have to start somewhere right?

Although it’s fun blogging behind a pen name, I wanted to change things up so I can be fully accountable to the words that I write. 

Anyone can hide behind a fake name and make up how awesome their life is.  This shady practice happens all too frequently.  It’s called Fake It Til You Make It.

So I have followed suit after Pat Flynn from the and decided to go fully transparent with my online shenanigans.

What Do I Have to Lose?

As it turns out, absolutely nothing.

The Zen Capitalist Story

If you read my about me page (a page I will be taking down very soon to redo) or know me in real life, you know that I went into massive debt due to poor lifestyle decisions.  The more money I made, the more I spent.  After digging a pretty hefty ditch and having debt up to my neck, I finally realized something had to give — my reckless lifestyle.

So like that, I changed it and I never looked back ever since.

Now Here’s What You Didn’t Know

What I did not tell people when I first launched this site 3 years ago was the fact that I am partially at fault for the most recent financial crisis.  I worked for Washington Mutual.  Although I wasn’t the guy that pushed the flashing red button that automatically approved loans for people that couldn’t afford them, I am guilty by association.

When Chase took over, I was one of the lucky few in California to continue my career with the new bank.  Problem was, it required me to move to a corporate building in San Antonio, Texas.  Nothing against Texas, but no thanks.  Like Tupac, I have that California Love.

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Your Boy Friend’s Old Clothes Can’t Get Any Hotter!


Or can they?  (sorry guys, this post is for the ladies)

There is no denying that buying used and wearing vintage clothing is more economical than buying new. You know what’s even more frugal than that? How about raiding your boyfriend’s, brother’s, father’s, or grandpa’s closet for old clothing.  You know the type.  The articles of clothing that hang in the back that are usually full of moth holes or covered with a few layers of dust.   If they keep their clothes in drawers, it’s the clothing that make their way to the bottom of the compartment after months of laundry.

I would rather be dead than be caught wearing my father’s ex-favorite sweater vest

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Elfster – Secret Santa Exchange on Easy Mode

I want to share with you a website that will make planning your Secret Santa event so much easier this year. The site is called If you have ever put together a Secret Santa, you know that it’s a pain in the neck to get everyone together to draw names. Everyone that wants to participate are not always there, people swap names with each other because they don’t like the person they got, and the gifts bought for each other are usually way off from what the receiver actually wants.

I know, to some of you, all of those inefficiencies make the exchange fun. However, not to me…


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