Your Boy Friend’s Old Clothes Can’t Get Any Hotter!


Or can they?  (sorry guys, this post is for the ladies)

There is no denying that buying used and wearing vintage clothing is more economical than buying new. You know what’s even more frugal than that? How about raiding your boyfriend’s, brother’s, father’s, or grandpa’s closet for old clothing.  You know the type.  The articles of clothing that hang in the back that are usually full of moth holes or covered with a few layers of dust.   If they keep their clothes in drawers, it’s the clothing that make their way to the bottom of the compartment after months of laundry.

I would rather be dead than be caught wearing my father’s ex-favorite sweater vest

Style is about expressing yourself.  You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to be stylish.  You don’t need Seven for All of Man Kind’s, True Religion’s, and Versace when you have Dockers, Fruit of the Loom, and Hanes.  It’s not WHAT you wear, it’s HOW you wear it.  With that said, let me introduce to you a site where it’s main purpose is to revamp used men’s clothing into stylish, chic pieces of art.  The site is called  Here is the description from their info page:

My Boyfriend’s Closet is a fashion project–created by two best friends from San Jose State University, California who both delights in creativity and fashion. Both Agnes Rose Fernandez and Jessica Kyna Phan enjoy the challenge of bringing out the femininity and elegance of masculine, debonair clothing. All of the clothes used are either borrowed or donated from their close “boy” friends in collaboration of this fashion project. They also aim to inspire you ladies to innovate and discover your type of “boyish” style.

They take any ordinary article of men’s clothing and put them through a fashionable metamorphosis or what I call  a “clothing identity change”.  They’ve used ties for belts, briefs for bras, and created halterneck tunics out of t-shirts.  Most recently, they have made a Mona Lisa-esque top thingamajig they have called “tube pants”.  It’s the matrimonial pairing of pants and a tube top.  Definitely check out their site and what they have to offer.  Their sense of creativity is awe-inspiring and extremely frugal!

Is this something that you would ever do or at least consider doing?  Until next time.  Zai Jian

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  1. @Agnes – You’re very welcome. Your site encapsulates what we’re all about: Frugal style that is presentable in social environments. I wish you guys the best of luck.

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