Guide to Making Money with Micro-Niche Sites – An Infographic

My very first comprehensive infographic. This is a quick start guide to making money with micro-niche sites online. I’ll go into detail with each step very soon. In the meantime, I hope you like it!

Micro-Niche Site Infographic

Products mentioned in the Infographic (in order):

Google Keyword Tool – Keyword Research

Market Samurai – Keyword Research – Free Content Management Service

Bluehost – Web Hosting Service (affiliate)

Google AdSense – Ad Publishing Service used for Site Monetization

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4 thoughts on “Guide to Making Money with Micro-Niche Sites – An Infographic

  1. I used Photoshop to make one. There are services you can use for Free that can get you started.

    Check here:



  2. It’s all about the niche and competition now. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still very possible to establish a micro-niche site in very competitive market, but you have to be smart about marketing it correctly.

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